Knoxville’s roots run deep and strong. The city has served as the hub of the region since its founding in 1791.

The best of its Appalachian heritage remains today – a strong work ethic, a family-centered community, and an intense respect for the natural beauty that envelops the region.

While Knoxville is well grounded, it is also strongly positioned for the future and the technology-based world of business. One of the country’s five national labs sits in Knoxville’s backyard in Oak Ridge. The main campus of the University of Tennessee is home to nationally acclaimed schools of engineering, business and law. Seventeen additional colleges and training programs in the region produce a ready supply of trained workers. All these organizations feed the strong, entrepreneurial spirit found in Knoxville.

Just as advanced technology resources connect Knoxville to the future, its location connects it to the roadways of the nation. Three of the nation’s major interstates – I-40, I-75, I-81 – intersect in Knoxville.

The region’s employer base is diverse and robust. There are large government employers like the Lab and UT, and many creative, innovative companies too.

The area is blessed with a variety of neighborhoods and communities that will suit any type of living. From small towns to downtown urban living, the Knoxville area has it. If you are interested in living on a lake or in the mountains, you can also find that here.

Knoxville And The Area Is One Of The Fastest Growing Regions For Retirees, Too. Due to the low cost of living and abundance of recreational activities – golf, hiking, shopping, etc. – there is no wonder why both workers and retirees are coming to Knoxville. In addition, the proximity to the rest of the eastern United States allows residents to easily travel to see family or for pleasure.